“…Some Officers Really go Above and Beyond for People in Desperate Need.”

policeman smiling cartoonLast month when my soon to be ex husband decided to beat the ever living (hell) out of me, and I tried to call the police, he took my phone and smashed it (he’s being charged with felony interrupt of a 911-call because they got a trace on the line).

The officer who sat with me for two hours taking my statement, taking photos of my injuries, and helped me with my special needs son while we were going through the process, went and got me a cheap little smart talk phone.

[This was] because I informed them that as soon as he was in custody I was about to make a cross country trip to get us safe and since my ex smashed my only means of using a map (I left with $110 to make it from Oklahoma to the east coast…thankfully I drive a Nissan Versa and was able to make it here with a little cash to spare.

I wasn’t entirely sure how the hell I was going to get there, I actually asked him if he would be willing to print out the route I needed to take.

That man did me a favor out of his own pocket so that I could get my son and myself to safety. I never expected to get that kind of help, nor did I ask for it.

His reasoning?

“You never know what routes are being worked on, a paper map is not going to show you that but apps will.”

He also picked up a pack of diapers for my son.

That man deserves a medal or something, I fully plan on sending him money to cover what he spent out of his pocket when I get my victims compensation from the state. Some officers really go above and beyond for people in desperate need. It was the worst day of my entire life and he made it a lot easier than I could have ever hoped for, and not just for the monetary stuff.

I had a panic attack halfway through giving my statement and he sat down with me and talked me through it. He’s a marine corps veteran from desert storm and knows exactly how to help someone who is dealing with PTSD. He’s a damn good man and an even better cop.

There’s some really bad-ass officers out there [We] need to have that stuff make it into the media more often.

~ by IDKWTS (Reddit)

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful story. The press loves to publicize all the very bad police, and there are some doozies! It is so nice to hear a good story. Here’s another one. My friend, who at the time was married to a drug addict, had no money and was living in a trailer home with 2 little boys and there was absolutely no food in the place. That day she was taking a nap and one of the boys left/escaped the trailer. When the police showed up with her little boy and asked her what was going on, she told him. He told her he would be back soon. He showed up with 2 bags of groceries, tools and a latch lock that he himself installed high up on the door so that the little boy couldn’t escape again. He was part of the solution!


    1. ps, part II of the story. She left/ then divorced the drug addict and is now remarried to a really great guy who adopted her two little boys!


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