Mike the Mailman Just Went Postal on Our Hearts.

“For as long as I have lived in my house, (I) always thought the Mailman was very nice. He put this in the mailbox.

Mike the Mailman Just Went Postal on Our Hearts.Reminds me that there are good warm people in all walks of life.”

~ by g3tyasum

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  1. Reblogged this on The Appreciation Factor and commented:

    As I’ve extolled the beauty/benefits of Thank You Notes, I have to love it when someone who likely would receive them takes the time to send one of his own. It’s clear Mike is a true class act. I wish him the best.

    Sigh… I remember when I had a great mailman whom I genuinely looked forward to seeing and who genuinely seemed to love his job and the customers on his route.

    This is from a new blog I just discovered this week – you’ll likely see more links via future Thankful Thursday’s issues –it’s THAT good!. Many thanks to them for sharing more of the good in this world. We can all use a smile every day.

    Have you ever received a thank you note from your mailman or someone in customer service OR someone you would typically be thanking? What was the occasion? Please shared I’d love to hear.


  2. I have known Mike since school…that’s some 50+ years. He’s always had a heart of gold and has always been a kind man! Best of luck to you, Mike, on your retirement. Melanie (Marketto) Gordon

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