NYC Subway commuters ride the train

A Helping Hand On The Train

NYC Subway commuters ride the trainBelow is a text from my daughter which she sent to me. It gave me a glow of pride.

“I just have to share this with you …was just on the tube and there was an obviously mentally troubled old man on there. Lots of people were smirking (he was doing some very odd stuff) but he was clearly distressed. Anyway, I put him in my seat, gave him my water and asked if he knew where he was going etc. Anyway…two stops later a girl handed me this note as she got off. I don’t mean to share as bragging but her passing that to me has to be the nicest thing that’s happened to me in while!”

Note read: ” I think you’re a really great person! Thanks for being awesome”

~ by Proud dad from London

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  1. What a lovely daughter you have raised and you must be so proud!! That girl who wrote that note has been blessed by witnessing compassion and hopefully others in the train as well. What a lovely story to share!

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