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    This article is great! The writing of the firefly metaphor really connected with me as a teacher and a child who used to be a firefly. I was shy and in the background throughout elementary and middle school – I look for these types of students to befriend and make sure they are not being made fun of because it can cause emotional damage. This piece should be read in some of my master’s classes along with the bullying videos we watch. I feel really moved after reading this!

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    1. I so agree with your thoughts on this writing. I too was a special ed teacher & connected with children who were the fireflys in my classes. When given space & the proper environment to shine they did!
      Beautifully spoken blog!
      Every school should have this available to teachers to ponder before school opens.

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  2. Rachel, thank you for this. As I read this to my “little one”… She is the Firefly and I love her. At 55 years of age I am that Firefly. Thank you again for this gift.

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  3. God has given each of his creation talents. However the talents in some of God’s creation are overlooked. Especially with us humans, talents are not explored and somewhat wasted.

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  4. God bless you for sharing this. My daughter is 28, and she has always been a firefly, but I didn’t know how to articulate that to her. Different is not beautiful to everyone. I sent this to her today and she cried and said, “Mama, I am a firefly, that’s ME!!!” I hope you share this everywhere, it could save a child from a lot of pain and rejection.

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  5. Thank you for sharing, from your experience and your heart. I will pass this on to my daughters. They both have beautiful fireflies, exactly as their mamas.


  6. This is so beautiful, it made my heart smile. Can’t wait to share this with a little 6 year old firefly I know. Ea


  7. A beautiful article, it’s something that needs to be understood by all children. I was never a firefly I was an extrovert and had lots of friends but I always felt compassion for those that were ignored ,or bullied or both!. This concept should be taught to school children and they will then begin to see the ‘Light’ in others that is not so obvious.

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