A young German girl greets a newly arrived young refugee girl

A Young German Girl Greets a Newly Arrived Young Refugee Girl

Children can teach us a lot.

There needs to be even more of this in the world.

A young German girl greets a newly arrived young refugee girl…and we’re loving the refugee mother’s smile. So genuine

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  1. The old line from the play and movie South Pacific, is “bigotry has to be carefully taught before it is too late. You have to teach your children to hate the people your parents hate by the time they are seven or eight.” Or, you can teach them that we are the same as in this picture. What do you want to teach your children is the key question? I stand in awe of those who are welcoming the refugees and migrants.

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  2. Absolutely!! I say this all the time. Children are born with nothing but love and acceptance in their hearts. We (society/parents/adults) are the ones that replace that love and acceptance with fear, judgement, hate and entitlement and prejudice.

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