These Construction Workers Gave A Sick Little Girl The Gift Of Friendship

Vivian Keith, and she's undergoing treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemiaConstruction workers get a reputation for being pretty tough dudes.

They work in all sorts of weather, slam hammers into things, and lift heavy stuff all day. It’s a very macho job. But even the most macho man has a soft side. That’s definitely the case for two construction workers in St. Louis, Missouri.

Travis Barnes and Greg Combs were working on a construction project across the street from a children’s hospital, and they made a point to wave at the kids every day. But one day, a little girl, suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia, decided to wave back.

Vivian’s only link to the outside world was looking out the window at the construction workers. They began to wave to each other every day, and after a few months, they were all able to meet.

For more on this heartwarming story, check out the video below:


The small things can make the biggest impact. These construction workers are strong guys, but little Vivian has a different kind of strength. It’s clear that when it comes to this unlikely crew, there’s plenty of inspiration to go around.

Source: ViralNova

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  1. Great story. Iron workers are the toughest of the toughest in the construction field. These guys also look like they have the softest of hearts for kids. They made a difference in the lives of this little girl and her mom and dad. Way to go guys….

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