police kindness

Inspiring Policeman Reinforces the Pledge to not Only Protect citizens, but Serve Them as Well.

On Wednesday morning, around 8:00 am, Corporal Che’ Atkinson noticed a woman sitting in the lobby of our District I station in Hyattsville. 

police kindnessShe had a small child with her and several bags. The woman told the corporal she was doing okay, yet the situation still bothered Corporal Atkinson. He continued to talk to the woman who soon told the officer she was a victim of domestic violence and had recently become homeless.

She had come to the police station because she had nowhere else to go.

Corporal Atkinson immediately set out to get the woman and her one-year-old daughter assistance from local resources. He was also able to find a distant relative who planned to pick up the woman and child.

On Thursday morning, Corporal Atkinson was surprised to see them still sitting in the station lobby. It turned out the family members wouldn’t be able to pick up the mother and daughter until Friday. He also learned the two hadn’t eaten in days.

With his own money, Corporal Atkinson rented the woman and her child a hotel room.

He found a child car seat and put it in his cruiser in order to safely transport the little girl to the hotel. He also bought them food and drinks.

police kindness We wish this mother and daughter well in the future.

Corporal Atkinson, simply put, you are a real-life Superhero and we salute you.

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  1. I wish the mainstream media would feature more of these type stories. We need to learn how to see people as individuals, not as representatives of a particular group. Cops are people first, law enforcement officers second. This officer showed the world his humanity and that is what we need to see more of, from everyone at every level of society. So many people would look at this woman and her child and label them as “losers” or worse, “leeches on society.” But this man saw them as people in need. He was in a position where he could help and he did. How many of us, no matter what our station, would do the same? Something to think about –


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