old lady

An Elderly Lady’s Sweet Random Act of Kindness

Back when my fiance worked a shitty dead-end job she’d have to take the bus to work. One morning she was late getting to the stop and watched the bus drive away.

A kind elderly lady saw what happened, and offered my fiancé a ride to work, which she happily accepted. On that ride, the two of them really bonded. The woman had a granddaughter around the same age as her, and they traded stories and laughed all the way to her job.

When the lady dropped my fiancé off, she thought the favor was over, but an hour later the woman came back in with about $50 in Starbucks gift cards, and $50 in bus tokens because my fiancé mentioned she and I were living paycheck to paycheck on the ride.

It wasn’t much to her, but to us it meant the world.

I was struggling to afford gas in my car, let alone food in our stomachs. She was struggling to afford the bus fare to work, and this kind woman just gave us $100 in useful stuff. Stuff that would help my fiancé get to work and treat herself without having to think about money. She cried when she got the gift.

We both cried when she got home and told me the news.

I don’t know who this woman was. My fiancé got a name, but she has never seen her again, and we haven’t moved far, but we are both forever grateful for that act of random kindness

~ by Nomsfud

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