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Watch This 6 Year-old Girl Give Her Mum a Life-Lesson After Her Parents Divorced

There’s a commonly accepted truth for people who have ever endured a divorce:

When things go sour and get heated between mom and dad, usually the children suffer most.

Divorce Sometimes though, it’s the kids who bring more rational thought to the table. After all, in a time that’s wracked with emotions, it can take a truly objective view, or third party, to make sense of what’s happening. To see the bigger picture.

…and that’s exactly what this little girl does.

In the video below, a six-year-old girl gives her mom some incredible advice about how to handle the split with her father. Her words are surprisingly astute for a kid of her age.


In fact, we could probably all learn a thing or two from this brilliant little girl.

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  1. I don’t find her words that surprising, truth be told. For all children are connected to the wisdom of the world and the light within themselves, it is just the events of life and the process of ageing that makes all children (or adults, should I say) forget this, to lose this connection. This is why adults must work so hard to regain wisdom, for the connection has been broken. And this is why children are beautiful and pure, and why we should always heed them. Always. A precious little girl 🙂 I only hope she keeps hold of her wisdom.

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