1. thanks paul. the untold story is digging into the “why” of my ability to find this space….and to find ways to share that with the lost in our society. especially today in the aftermath of the Oregon shooting, it is important to share authenticity and our collective humanity.

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      1. Ummm, so you think it can be bottled and shared? I am doubtful,but I have been wrong before. The way I see it is that you have forgiven God and forgiven life for dealing your husband a seriously foreshortened life span. The whole concept of forgiveness is very powerful and very difficult to make work. It requires an enormous amount of faith to achieve and maintain. It is for sure available to those who have experienced any tragedy – to any human in any situation. I would suspect that helping those who have been struck with tragedy will be about as easy as Socrates described dragging people into the light from the cave.

        I am honored that you shared your epiphany with us and yet am skeptical that it can be taught to those who have not yet experienced it.


        1. an interesting perspective….to me this event has absolutely nothing to do with God. He neither “gave” this to us nor will He take it away. Not for one moment have I placed blame or felt shorted by God. Sure it sucks. No one would argue that.

          There is no doubt my faith runs deep. but it is a faith that I am capable in the face of adversity. It is a faith that believes 100% that love and kindness and honesty and compassion are the greatest forces in our world. Happiness comes not from the situation but rather from our ability to control our thoughts surrounding it.

          In my opinion, of course resilience can be taught. I was taught. I was taught that I am important. I have value. I am strong. And, maybe most importantly, I am not alone. I am a privileged white woman. I want for nothing spiritually, emotionally, materially….I am the 1% and if anyone has been set-up to deal with life, it is someone like me. Surrounded by love and support, growing up in a family that has given me a self-confidence that is unshakable, absolutely puts me at an advantage.

          My greatest hope is that my journey lets someone else see that they are not alone. And from that perhaps there is a piece of me that can push someone, even if it is almost imperceptible, away from despair.

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    1. life is bitter and sweet….the challenge is to use the bitter to enhance the sweet…and to offer to our world our journies so that others may find a way to do the same in their lives. Thanks, Storm.

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  1. Thank you for your honesty. Thankfulness in struggles is what we need. I had colon cancer three years ago, surgery cleared it, but body is still suffering much pain from a variety of things. Thankful to God, wife, family, friends for all the support.

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  2. Thanks for sharing your life with us as difficult as it is. I have lost several family members to cancer so I understand your pain that keeps going on and on…. Hold on to hope, hold on to your faith in GOD. Hold on to those moments and hold on to those memories. You are never alone Trish… May GOD carry you through….

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