When the Gentle Whispers & Loving Hugs of a Stranger Meant so Much

Eleven years ago, when I was a freshman in college, my boyfriend at the time fainted and busted his head pretty bad on the concrete outside of the cafeteria.

I have panic disorder, and at the time I was untreated, so this sent me into high anxiety while waiting in the ER waiting room.

I was crying hysterically and in the middle of a full-blown panic attack when this incredibly old woman walked across the waiting room and held me.

She kept whispering in my ear that everything would be OK and hugged me for a while until my sobbing calmed down.

She helped me through that panic attack and then just went and sat back near her family.

I thanked her, and I will never forget her kindness.

by ~ HoopyFrood

Main image source: www.vrcelphotography.com

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  1. I relate so much to what you wrote. I have a severe auto-immune disease and I had some bad news and went into the hospital volunteers shop and burst into tears and the ladies were so lovely. One held my hand and I felt such love. It was like a lightening bolt ofpure, unadulterated love. I will never forget it xx Rowena

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  2. This is such a simple, sweet, and powerful story. It doesn’t take much to give a great gift to someone–and now look, that woman’s gesture is resonating with so many readers from around the world years later. Thank you for sharing!


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