1. Thanks for sharing this heartfelt story of your daughter’s addiction. You are so right sobriety does not make the addiction go away. I am an alcoholic and while it is over eight years since my last drink, I still want one, especially at those times when I drank the most. So, help her through each day with these words – I am not going to do heroin today. Then, she needs to get up and do it again the next day. Over time it will become a feinter echo, but it will still be there.

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      1. Mike, it is a pleasure to read your content. It shows there is good in the world as well as real people who have met and survived challenges. Thanks, Keith


      1. -Kat, You’re getting some good points in here. When I read or think of things like this I feel for everybody involved. Actually feel it. Of
        course some of that is probably reminder symptoms. At first your daughter’s comment about the bass being the most important instrument took precedence but I quickly got past that. But I do agree although it’s probably the least appreciated. Another story, though, isn’t it? I’m glad I finally got to read some of your stuff. Well done. — Charlie


    1. It may seem bizarre and stupid until you have a child who has this illness. My daughter has since passed away. Made me think I should have kept the dress.


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