The Dress in the Back of My Closet – By Kat Kenner

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Every mom loves to brag about their kids and I am no exception; this story however, is no fairy tale. It is one no mother wants to tell.

The journey started on a straight enough roads but somewhere took a detour that landed us both in quicksand.

An incredibly bright and creative child, my daughter was an artist from an early age. When drawing birds in kindergarten, she didn’t make them appear like rounded M’s as the other kids did. She drew birds flying up, flying sideways; wings expanded or tucked, everything from the correct visual perspective.

She learned to play the saxophone in fourth grade. She didn’t just learn it quickly; but after only a few lessons, taught herself to play each different type of saxophone. As a teen she moved onto the bass guitar. When asked why she wanted a bass over a regular guitar, she said incredulously

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