1. Emma, thank you soooooo much for educating those of us who can’t possibly understand what it is to live in your body. When my son was little, if I’d had him evaluated, he probably would have been labeled as high functioning autism. These days I know him as an exquisitely sensitive, tremendously creative, heart centered, just turned 13 year old boy. What I have come to totally appreciate about beautifully (and a times painfully) sensitive people like my son, is their inability to be inauthentic. If he is forced into being that which he is not, it is tremendously painful for him. Because of it, he is and I suspect will always remain extremely authentic to himself. That, as you described, is very rare today. People everywhere, every day say one thing and mean another. They betray not only people around them, but even worse, betray themselves. Hurrah to you for being you!!

    I don’t know if you’ve ever heard about something called Reiki or a broad category called Energy Healing, but I bring in Reiki energy (using my body as a conduit) for my son and it helps him feel more comfortable in his body. I started having energy work (Pranic Healing specifically) done with my son, and I noticed changes in him about a week after each session. He would have fewer meltdowns and be able to be more physically comfortable and be able to cope with life more easily. These have always been permanent changes. A few years later, I discovered a short book, Awesomism, where the author, Suzy Miller, discovered by accident how to help her autistic clients using energy work. (http://suzymiller.com/) The thing I love about energy healing is it never takes away from us, it only allows a person to become more of who they truly are.

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