1. Thanks for sharing this and I love the picture of two people, young and old, holding hands. My father-in-law had a stroke and died before he could see my new daughter. We would have loved to see him with her like in your father did. We are going similar emotions with my mother right now. Bless you.

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  2. Thank you for this. My mom is currently dying of metastatic breast cancer, and I and my 91year old dad are her caretakers. Although she has Hospice and can be in her own bedroom in her own house, there are those things only a daughter can do. This includes cutting her nails, and, like you, I have never cut another person’s nails. I am as careful as I can be not to hurt her, and I take a lot of time in doing it.

    Afterwards when she looks down at her nails and smiles, I feel I have done one little thing to make her happy. Bless you for the tender care you have shown your father and daughters.

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  3. Lovely. I’ve been cutting my mom’s nails for many years now. Since she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, there is not much she can do for herself anymore. She really enjoys a manicure now and then.


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