This Momma Helps Her Daughter Unleash Her Creativity In a Truly Beautiful Way

For creative children, artistic talent is more of a reflex than a skill.

While techniques must be taught, there’s something to be said for kids who can create pieces that far surpass the muddled finger paintings of their peers without any formal training.

In a stunning display of nature and nurture, parents of artistic kids are often pretty creative themselves, and they always want to help their little ones turn innate tendencies into impressive talents.

This mom takes a unique approach to that kind of mentorship. While looking at her daughter’s paintings one day, Ruth Oosterman came up with an incredible way to help little Eve harness her creative abilities. The result is a testament to amazing art and extraordinary parenting.

Oosterman, an accomplished artist herself, was understandably thrilled when she realized that Eve was born with a creative soul, too. When Eve started experimenting with art, the two of them came up with a brilliant idea.


They decided to start a collaborative project together. Oosterman leaves Eve in charge of creating the original doodles, and then she turns them into works of art that capture their respective styles.


Citing Picasso’s idea that it’

“takes a lifetime to paint like a child,”

Oosterman is continually inspired to combine the childish whimsy of Eve’s art with the refined touch of her own.


Eve, who’s now three years old, loves to use her trusty felt-tipped pen to get things going.


This Momma Helps Her Daughter Unleash Her Creativity In a Truly Beautiful Way9

After that, Mom takes over. Eve will eventually be able to do it all by herself, but in the meantime, Oosterman is enjoying the privilege of helping her out.

This Momma Helps Her Daughter Unleash Her Creativity In a Truly Beautiful Way5“I feel so blessed,” she writes, “that my daughter can remind me of what it’s like to paint like a child by letting me see through her eyes.”


On the most basic level, Ruth Oosterman is helping Eve learn the ins and outs of creating great works of art. On a more profound level, however, she’s teaching her daughter about what it means to be creative, and how important it is to continue growing as an artist over the course of a lifetime.

Fortunately for us, this dynamic duo is sharing the wealth! Head over to their Etsy shop if you want to add one of these unique pieces to your home. You can also check out their creative process on YouTube, where they post incredible time-lapse footage of what it takes to turn a simple doodle into something spectacular.

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