1. Catherine! I completely understand your situation and believe that you’re definitely doing a great job! Writing about your illness and sharing the good moments here, is indeed peaceful and encouraging to you and a moment of joy for your readers! But I believe that you should never say ‘chronic’! Because nothing in life is forever. We all go through many circumstances, but that doesn’t mean sunshine is far away! If you believe in the Almighty, you should know that he would not burden you with more than you can handle, and he is miraculous. Doctors would ever say medical terms, would at times, have no solution to our problems, because their knowledge is for sure finite, but God (For me:Allah) has solution to everything. Never lose faith. You will definitely be out of this.



  2. I read a number of blogs and participate in some groups that include people with chronic conditions, mostly mental illness. This message, that those who are struggling are doing a good job, comes up very often and is just as important as you say. Thank you for writing about it so well.

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  3. I received this very same comment yesterday from my physical therapy review. It was a relief for me and my husband when we heard it, and it gave both of us hope to continue fighting, and me getting better. Thank you for sharing this. It is needed out there on so many levels. I am re-posting this.


  4. I can relate to what you are going through, I too have been trying to get a definitive diagnosis.
    It can be so demoralising when, after months of waiting I see a new specialist, my hopes get raised & then dashed again!
    Unfortunately my doctor is kind but not at all proactive. Thankfully I was fortunate enough to be offered a lengthy series of one to ones with a wonderful therapist. She enabled me to realise that much of my mental health illness was due to my physical illness & extreme constant pain. She helped me to face my uncertain future with courage, in the knowledge that I was doing the best that I could. She told me that I was inspirational! No-one had ever said that before.
    Although still waiting for answers, I no longer feel helpless or hopeless. I face each day to the best of my ability. I laugh. I smile. I do voluntary work. I have no idea what is around the corner, but with the encouragement of that one special lady, I am able to enjoy my life. I no longer feel a failure! Her positive words helped me to realise that I too am doing the best that I can.
    Thankyou for your post, it helped to remind me of my blessings.


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