kelcie and larry

A Drunk Driver Almost Killed Her Fiance. If You Watch This Video There Might be Tears.

When two people are madly in love the possibilities are unlimited.

Larry had a romantic plan to propose to Kelcie in Disneyland.

Tragically, before he could propose, he was hit by a drunk driver and experienced a severe traumatic brain injury that he continues to recover from today.

Larry spent months in a coma with Kelcie by his side. She gave up everything to work with him and to help him get better, including working at the facility he went to so she could spend as much time with Larry as possible.

This is a very touching video.

Thankfully,  eventually these two lovelies got their special day just the way they had dreamed of. Watch.

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  1. Reblogged this on 'Enability' blog and commented:

    A great example of love conquers all! Everyone should know that it’s possible to have a good relationship and life with someone who’s disabled, or even when you’re both disabled.


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