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Happy Christmas From US to YOU

Dear Kindness Blog Readers,

This is just a brief note to wish you all a merry Christmas from us and to thank you for your amazing support during 2015.

We’ve literally been humbled and uplifted by the kindness we’ve received on the blog itself and via untold amounts of e-mail and article submissions. It goes without saying that we’re also deeply indebted to the many authors who have shared their time and life experiences with all of us. Just…thank you so much.

During 2015 these were the 5 most popular and widely shared articles;

heart 3d man

  1. 10 Ways to REALLY Help Someone Who Has a New Baby – by Shelly Lopez Gray (Registered nurse) (798,615 views)
  2. Dying Man, 24, Leaves an Awesome Message That Everyone Should Read: (423,818 views)
  3. “Walked Past a Church Yesterday, Had This Poster on the Door”… (193,552 views)
  4. Flower Sack Dresses From the Flour Mills (Historical Kindness) (151,747 views)
  5. The Day I Stopped Saying Hurry Up – by Rachel Macy Stafford (46,248 views)

In 2016 ‘Team Kindness Blog’ itself will be expanding. Initially, I’m pleased to tell you that the wonderful Carmelene Melanie Siani and Stephanie March are joining us to write regularly for Kindness Blog which is just great news. A BIG welcome aboard to two wonderful women!!

Other authors we have in mind will be invited to join Team Kindness Blog in due course! If YOU want to join the team, then please contact us ASAP.

As of today, Kindness Blog is having a holiday shutdown till the 11th January when we will return with much Kindness based content for your enjoyment!

Lastly, we hope you have a lovely holiday with your nearest and dearest and we’ll see you in 2016!

Seasonal regards, Mike.



  1. All the kindnesses you have presented have returned, ten fold. Merry Christmas and a Happy New to you!! God Bless you each and every day in each and every way! ❤

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  2. Thank you very much for your work. I’m happy to see that people are interested in good news, in important life messages and in individual stories. I’m also extremely grateful to all commenters, who many times discuss your articles, share them and are pretty cool overall. We have to keep in mind that 2016 will be difficult and will test our humanity, even more – current conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Ukraine put our governments under lots of pressure, upcoming presidential elections with Trump as a leading Republican candidate can be disastrous for the world democracy and refugee crisis can lead to unexpected results in Europe. I wish to encourage everyone to stay as humane as possible, try to give the best to those around you, and give opposite to the hate and violence that is sometimes stressed as the only solution.

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  3. Thank you. I found you through the astrologer and mentor Rob Brezney. It is always a delight. Wishing you a New Year filled with everything you like the best.


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