Skyline Of Chongqing

Humble Hero Dives in Icy River Fully Clothed

A Man from Chongqing, a major city in Southwest China, jumped into river fully clothed to save a drowning child.


Last Monday, a four-year-old boy in Chongqing had the bad luck of falling in a local river and then helplessly drifting off toward the middle. After a desperate struggle to stay afloat, the boy was suddenly saved by a middle-aged man dressed in black who heroically plunged into the icy water and pulled him out.


According to Ifeng News this was the only sentence uttered by the mysterious rescuer once back on shore;

“Quick, take the boy back to change his clothes before he catches a cold, what’s a mobile phone worth compared to a life anyway?”

He had originally been more than 10 meters away from the crowd watching at the dock, but without hesitation, he charged forward and plunged into the river, without stopping to remove any clothing or even his earphones.

Amazingly, an eyewitness said that after bystanders had helped to drag the man and the boy back to shore, the earphones were somehow still in place.

Super Cool Hero Dives in River Fully Clothed

Soaked to the bone and with a broken phone, the man simply refused to take a taxi home because he didn’t want to get it wet;

Instead, he casually walked home soaking wet in the cold as if nothing had happened. Like an absolute boss!

It wasn’t until the following Thursday that our unnamed hero was finally identified as a 54-year-old worker at a local hospital named Luan Hongjun.


Speaking with the media, Luan was a man of few words once again:

“When I saw the kid fall in the water, I didn’t think, I just knew that I needed to save him as quickly as possible.”

What a Legend.

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