1. As an aspiring counselor, this is something I hear a lot. Kindness and empathy heal. The relationship, when held carefully is the most healing aspect of therapy. Yet, I have come across counselors who have neither and it’s frustrating as well as damaging.


  2. Thank you for this great article. I totally agree and understand. I am a counselors and the client-cousnler relationship is the most valve component for successful therapy with my clients. Kindness and empathy from the counselor is an import part of a client’s healing process.

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    I have had really great doctors, and I have had really terrible doctors. One doctor that I knew was great and was adored by all the staff and patients took his frustration out on me one night after surgery, and I was devastated because he was delivering bad news on top of it. I didn’t “fire” him because he was the only one doing my surgeries, but it changed our interactions.

    Doctors, may the force be with you. It’s not an easy path, and there will be stumbles, but I hope that you have rewarding interactions with your patients.

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