1. This is truly amazing and somewhat spooky for me: I said almost ALL of these things to my father when he was dying of liver cancer, and couldn’t talk. He could only listen. The one thing I didn’t say was, “I’ll Always Remember.” Instead, I simply talke about my memories of our life together when I was young and had my Dad around. So, I guess that counts as “I’ll Always Remember.”

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  2. My brother passed away last August and I do so wish I had these with me at that time. As we sat in his room, listening to his assisted breathing, we talked of memories, our lives, things we hoped would take his mind away from what was happening.
    I could not say out loud, ‘I love you’. Not something my family does. We do not show our emotions in public if at all possible. So instead I mentally sent him my ‘I love you’s’.
    I do believe he heard them.

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  3. Today is the eleventh year of my father’s passing from cancer also. The last eight weeks of his life he, too, was unable to communicate. Thank you for this posting. As I know he sits beside me it does not diminish the physical pain.


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    Some fantastic points to remember and carry with you, even if you think you don’t need them immediately. Death is a part of the life cycle. If you are lucky enough to be able to have a conversation before that option is taken out of your hands, use that time wisely.


  5. I know exactly where you’re coming from with this post…..My Dad passed away when I was 12,000 miles away, and there is so much I wish I had the opportunity to say to him. Fortunately, I’m a great believer that; Life does go on……In Spirit, and our loved ones will always be with us.
    Your Dad can still hear you, so keeping talking to him.


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