What to Say to Death (Talking to my Dad when he could only listen) – By April V. Walters

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One of the synchronicities of life is that when my Dad’s cancer returned my sometimes boss, Wendy Macnaughton, was Artist in Residence at the Zen Hospice Project.

We talked in her studio one afternoon and she mentioned that in the hospice center volunteer training program there’s a set of phrases that might be helpful to me. She could only remember a few of them, so I got home and googled. What I found was a handful of blog posts based off the idea of Hoʻoponopono,

“an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness.”

Artist - April V. Walters

Included in this idea is a list of phrases. Things to say to a dying person: Thank you. I love you. I’ll never forget. I’m sorry. Forgive me. I accidentally wrote forgive me as “I forgive you” but I’m glad to have had both.

I put those words on a post-it and stuck it…

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