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Boy Asks For an Advance on His Allowance. Father Responds in Writing.

Our 6 y/o asked (his) Dad for an advance on his allowance for a toy.

This is the response he got.

Boy Asks For Advance on His Allowance. Father Responds in Writing.We love this Father’s simple financial lesson and how he gently reminds his son of the consequences of doing, or not doing, the chores. Lesson learned? We think so.

Just wonderful!

~ by sonan303 ·

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  1. No, I think it’s mean, if unintentionally so. Children take things absolutely literally. I’m not suggesting Daddy should have handed out cash on demand. I do think clever, witty old Daddy could have talked it over with the child rather than making a completely incomprehensible adult joke at his expense. When he grows up, he’ll be getting enough of this pompous, official correspondence – for real.


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