1. Every so often I think something like, “Damn, I should really get with the times and get a smart phone.” As it stands, I don’t even take my dumb cell phone with me unless I’m going more than a few miles from home, or expecting a call (which is hardly ever becasue I don’t routinely give out the number). Thank you, for this encouragement to continue that way. Lovely story.

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    1. You’re very welcome Bobcabkings. Cell phones are hard things (pun) to “withdraw” from — and being into them really does alter your reality. Thanks for your comments.

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  2. I really love your writing, Carmelene. I find your voice so easy to connect to and it’s inspiring to me as I’d like to get back to writing as well. I also like the vignette format so looking forward to hopefully seeing your book. Thanks for this! Friday’s can be weary sometimes but you just lightened it up. 😀 I’ve had my own little one that needs sharing; perhaps I’ll work on it this weekend.

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    1. Thank you for your comments Beth Dunn — I appreciate your support and your sentiment. As Natalie Goldberg teaches — just keep writing… and writing … and writing! All the best to you.


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