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We Bought a Meal for a Cheerful Syrian Man. He Paid it Forward in a Really Big Way.

We met a young Syrian man at a vegan restaurant who had such a bright friendly smile that we couldn’t resist paying for his lunch.

We Bought a Meal for a Cheerful Syrian Man. He Paid it Forward in a Really Big Way.

We also gave him an “unconditional love for $0” receipt to pay it forward. He read it and thanked us.

unconditional love for $0" receipt Then he walked to the cashier and without hesitation, he said he’d like to pay the meals of everyone at the restaurant! The cashier’s eyes almost fell out of their sockets and we all looked at each other in awe.

“You want to pay for everyone? 5 tables?” she asked.

He then asked me for more love receipts to give away.

“I’m glad I didn’t meet you at a steak house or my bill would’ve been so expensive!” he joked.

It uplifted the entire restaurant and his gift inspired others to pay it forward too.

It’s incredible how a simple random act of kindness like smiling can create an instant positive ripple effect.

Thank you Vancouver for welcoming Syrian refugees.

Author Bio:


Brice Royer is a Vancouver cancer patient who believes kindness can heal. When Royer’s doctor told him kindness is the best medicine, he took the advice to heart. He’s known for writing the world’s most read Craigslist’s ad “Unconditional Love For $0” which has reached over a million views in days, for paying a stranger’s rent for a year and building a solar powered tiny home for a homeless mother.

He started a movement called “Gift Economy” based on the concept of ‘Paying it Forward’ which was nominated for the 2015 Vancouver’s Award of Excellence. His story is featured on CNN, CBS, NBC Today, Vancouver Sun, Global News, CTV, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, and international media.”



  1. Solar homeless woman home! We work on design ideas like people pods for the homeless and refugees, with many free inventions at mmcdonald77 / Inventions (But are too poor to do anything), pass it along to Mr. Royer, if he’s not too famous and busy! He’ll live more in a brief time than most do in a long, and Kindness the best medicine just might…


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