1. Yeah… I don’t want kids. Not ever. I’m still waiting for some mum to say they enjoy it and it’s the best point of their lives. No honest mum ever does.


      1. Thanks Mike, but I believe fathers have it easier. Women go through the biological/physical toll on their bodies, and often struggle with recapturing that old sex appeal. Women are also the ones who are often expected to set career goals aside to care for children. It’s never quite half and half, which often gives men the opportunity to enjoy fatherhood more than women enjoy motherhood. The impact is always greater, more terrible and more lasting on our side..

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  2. I was born to an immigrant father and a first-generation mother in 1946. They had no time to run through all the hoops parents are expected to run through today, and it was simply not part of the culture then. I refuse to buy in to today’s standards of parenting, in part because it seems disloyal to my parents, and in part because I came out OK.


  3. Thank you for this, I needed a little reassurance this morning. I laughed out loud at your description of crying as soon as they walk through the school doors because you disciplined. I relate, every single day. I agree, let’s be nicer to ourselves. Have a great day😊


  4. Parenting makes us feel weak and tired, like we’re half crazy, but in actuality we are becoming stronger and can deal and cope with a lot of crazy things. It’s hard, it’s just that some families make it look easy, so we feel worse about our own.


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