I’ve Been a Shit Mum – By Rachaele Hambleton

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So we are only into day 3 of ‘back to school’ and I’ve been a ‘shit mum’ repeatedly since Monday.

This weeks epic fuck ups have included:

Leaving 2 coats worth £60.00 on the pavement because I was too busy trying to convince a 2-year-old it’s OK to piss in a bush before we got back in the car. I remembered the next morning on the school run when we were getting bruised from the hail stones and I couldn’t find them.

Had the morning from hell psyching Tallulah up for her swimming lesson at school where she cried (hyperventilating sobs where she nearly hurled into her weetabix) from 7.15am-9.55am that she didn’t want to go only to get to there and be told that her lessons don’t start until May.

I gave Betsy no dinner money then remembered at 2pm when I was gorging on my own lunch at…

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