Stop bullying: 13yr old girl gives boy new shoes

Teenage Girl Gives Bullied Boy Something He Really Needs

The neighborhood kids often play basketball outside the Kentucky home of 13-year-old Shaylynn.

Recently, the group got a hopeful new player named Richard — an 11-year-old boy with ripped up, tattered shoes.

Shaylnn watched from her window as Richard was ostracized. The second the kids noticed what he wore on his feet, they began teasing him. He was wearing a pair of his mothers’s eight-year-old Nike sneakers. They were coming apart at the seams. Fancy footwear, after all, is not something his family can afford.

“They said my shoes look raggedy and I shouldn’t be playing with them,” Richard told WHIO.

Understandably, the teasing broke his heart.

Richard took a seat on the grass by himself — and that’s when something incredible happened. Despite the fact Shaylynn didn’t know Richard and had never seen him before, she took a stand in the most unexpected way. Shaylynn’s mother noticed her walking out of her bedroom with a red box in her hand.

When she asked Shaylynn what she was doing, her daughter’s answer left her stunned.

Watch the video below for the incredible moment caught on camera.

Please Share Shaylynn’s wonderful act of kindness with your family and friends.


  1. This is why I follow this blog…to remind our selves that there is kindness and hope in this world. Beautiful kids showing a lot of adults how it should be done.

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