1. As a child who knew the constant hunger pangs knocking at the door, acquainted with lack of adequate food more times than she cares to remember now as an adult – this post resonated with me! Thanks for the reminder to teach our generation this important lesson: “They need to know how blessed they are to be able to have a meal every single day. We need to know how blessed we are because we are able to provide them with that food. We must try our best to not waste it.” No truer words spoken.

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    1. Thank you, Mary! It is tragic that we seem to learn best from horrendous experiences. We only begin to value something once we’ve lost it (fortunately, in your case, it was the other way round. The painful lesson came first). Must we find ourselves in a war zone dying from starvation to start appreciating the food we’ve got on our plate…?

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  2. Great post~! I remember when I was little, I would pretend to be one of those underprivileged children with nothing to eat to motivate myself to finish my bowl~ Last year, I also started a small project to pass out the market leftovers to the homeless after I saw how much food was wasted each day. Food is such a precious resource, and it’s sad to think that in the same world we can have so much yet also so little of it.


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