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Grandpa Pushed Grandma out of the way Before Getting run Over Himself. Meet ‘The Hero’

A man was severely injured after being struck by an alleged drunk driver.

Max Green, 85, of Pima, was nearly across the street with his wife, Nathalene Green, 83, when he saw the van coming and bravely pushed Nathalene out of the way, sacrificing himself to save her.

Nathalene got knocked to the ground, but Max took the brunt of the crash

                                                             Max and Nathalene

Reddit user ‘SpoonHandle’ (Max’s Grandchild) wrote:

He married grandma when he was 18 years old. She was 16.

(He has) Multiple broken vertebrae in his neck and back – broken hip, ribs, leg, fingers on his right hand. Left arm is tore up pretty bad. Has already had surgery on his neck and leg. They’re expecting a full recovery but many months of physical therapy.

He broke the windshield with his now stitched up eyebrow and didn’t even get a concussion. Everyone at the hospital is calling him, “The Hero.” 😀

Get well soon Max. Your courage and love for Nathalene is an inspiration to us all!

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