Now THIS is What You Call an AWESOME Teacher

It is unfortunate that many School Teachers have been placed in a position where they have to be so concerned about their pupil’s exam results and how children ‘perform’.

Children work hard all week at school, do their best and then also have homework set to complete at weekends. We know that many parents think this is too much work and too much pressure for our young people. They deserve a childhood!!

One teacher, Mrs Thom, obviously understands that having a good life-balance is of the utmost importance to a child’s well-being.

Please see the wonderful homework letter below that Mrs Thom gave out to all the pupils in her class prior to their latest exams.

homework kindnessAnother teacher cried when she read about this on Facebook and wrote;

“I’m only a student teacher and I don’t teach in year 2 or 6. The tension at my placement school is still palpable…. Part of me wants to run into their classrooms and scream STOP, it’s all joke …. GO AND PLAY!”

Mrs Thom you’re absolutely wonderful and exactly the kind of teacher we need for our children!


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