9 Reasons why it‘s important to care for our elders – by Sai Santosh K

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care for our eldersWhy you need to be there for them.

I decided to write this article because as I see my own parents age, I increasingly feel a sense of responsibility to care for them. My father and mother have worked tirelessly to give me and my sister the life we have today, a life full of opportunities, comfort and privilege. As they age, it is imperative that as their children we return the favor of caring and loving for them. I’m sure this will resonate with many of you as you see your own loved ones age in front of you.

Below I outline ten reasons why it is important to care for our elders. You can also find links to my “Wisdom of our elders” picture-articles below.

  1. Because they are our mothers and fathers. They are our first teachers. They teach how to love, how to care, how to give…

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