Changing Someone’s Day (And Possibly Changing Your Life) – By Becca Kaye

Anyone can make someone else’s day, no matter how popular you are, how wealthy, how pretty or how intelligent.

All it takes is a modicum of care. Show someone you like her. Do someone a favor. Bring over supper to a friend who’s sick in bed. Small things can make a big difference.

Honestly, it’s hard to know what you can do that will change someone’s day for the better, but do what you can, for it may cause ripple effects you never dreamed possible.

Here are a couple of kindnesses that you can do, which may seem small to you, but can make someone so, so happy.

Smile! Sounds cheesy, but it’s true! A friendly grin, accompanied with a happy “Hello, how’re you doing?” Can seriously make someone so happy.

There’s a story told about a guy who worked in an office, and every morning he asked the guard at the door how he was doing, and he actually stopped to hear the reply. Every night, he’d throw a cheery good night over his shoulder before going home to his family. One evening, the guard realized this guy, who had wished him a good morning earlier on in the day, had never told him good night! He thought a little, and decided something was wrong. Together with a coworker, he began to search for this kind man who greeted him each day. And he found him – in a huge freezer. The guy had needed to take something out of the freezer, and had gone in – and gotten locked out. Stuck. He was freezing cold. Thankfully, the guard had remembered about the fellow, and saved his life. Actually, take a look at it from another perspective. This man saved his own life! His daily deed, however small it may be, literally added years onto his life.

Who would have dreamed?

You can never know the power of what you do for others. But one day, you’ll reap the rewards. Do someone a favor; you may make someone’s day, or you may change someone’s life. And it may even be your own!

About the Author

Becca Kaye is a true New Jersey girl who enjoys drawing, playing piano, writing, and spending time with family and friends. She actually has turned one of her favorite hobbies into a full-time job; Becca now spends her days writing, researching and editing content for Medical Scrubs Collection, an online scrub store carrying scrubs from Cherokee Nursing Uniforms, Grey’s Anatomy, and many other reputable medical apparel brands


  1. It is amazing how just a smile can transform someone’s day, and how putting others ‘first’ can leave a positive impact. Last week a sweet gal thanked me for ‘being nice to her parents’ and said she was glad that I was i their lives. When I left (their hostal) she said that the (simple) things I did helped restore her faith in her fellow man.

    It’s so easy for some of us, and others – at times – need a few living examples…. thanks for all you do to remind others that it is easy to be kind to others.

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