4 Funny Gift Ideas for Your Significant Other by -Dimitri Sloane

You love your significant other (SO), but you’re tired of getting them the same gifts year after year. If you’re honest about it, half of the fun of gift-giving is seeing the recipient’s reaction when they open whatever you got them. This time around, you’re looking to give something that will make them and YOU laugh. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of four funny gift ideas for your significant other.

1. An Oversized Photo

The one gift that’s better than burnt toast and coffee (also known as your best attempt at making breakfast for your partner) is giving them the gift of seeing your face every time they enter their room. That’s right, get a giant photo of yourself and have it put on a photo pillow or blanket so that no matter how hard they try, they can’t escape you.

After all, why wouldn’t they want to see your beautiful face as often as they could right? Not right! But that’s why this gift is so funny, and why giving is getting. You can also get an oversized photo of your pet, especially if your furry friend dislikes your significant other. You’ll enjoy the look of resentment on their face every time they see the giant photograph of your pet resting on their pillow.

2. A Fake Bucket List

Put together a ridiculous bucket list that you plan to do with your significant other. They don’t need to know that it’s fake, and they shouldn’t, or you’ll miss out on their reaction. Put on your poker face and make it seem like you want to do all the crazy things on your list. If your partner has a fear of heights, include skydiving.

They will be torn between feeling the need to thank you for the gift and passionately yelling, “WE ARE SO NOT DOING THAT!” Remember, it’s the thought that counts and the fact that you put an activity list to do together is super sweet. Or is it?!

In any case, it will really put their problems in perspective, and they’ll be glad they have you!

3. A Gigantic Chocolate Bar

Everyone gets a kick out of oversized candy bars. This time, go over the top and find one that’s as big as your head. Your partner will find it so ridiculous they won’t be able to stop laughing.

Obviously, you’ll have to find one of these chocolate bars online, and shipping will be ridiculous, but seeing their face will be so worth it. If your partner doesn’t like chocolate, there are other oversized candies to choose from. You can even find giant gummy bears! It will totally change their day.

4. A Singing Telegram

Order a singing telegram to recite a song at your significant other’s workplace. Make sure you get one of their colleagues to record the whole thing so you can watch it later. Just pretend it’s your partner’s birthday and have someone come in to sing the Birthday Song. 

They’ll be mortified, but they’ll get flowers and a gift basket at the end. #Worth it! If you can, find the most embarrassing song possible to pack a punch. They’ll hate you and love you for it at the same time. Ah, love. What an incredible mess.

Get Ready To Laugh

Finding funny gifts to give your significant other is about thinking outside of the box and getting creative. What’s funny to them? What’s funny to you? See if you can combine the best of both worlds and think up hilarious gifts. Review the four ideas above for inspiration, and get ready to laugh!


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