Your ‘Problems’ Put in Perspective – Read the Thoughts of 8 People Who Don’t Have Much Time Left

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Recently, on the reddit website, a question was Posed to people who know they are dying:

The question was – (What) does your day look like?

Here we share 7 of the most upvoted (popular) responses for your own reflection and consideration;

(1) – ‘wearealldying’ wrote:

Liver cancer here, result of extreme iron-overload undetected for far too long. Metastatic now. Bad. There is nothing that can be done.

So, really any-day now. But here is the thing, we are all dying. Ever second that goes by is one second closer to it. So today, tomorrow, next week, next year….all of those moments are way more valuable than you realize. You don’t understand how short life is until you can see the end. I’m 42. I won’t live to see my daughter graduate from high school. I won’t see go to prom, go to college, get married, have kids, all of…

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