Hitting Back Bullies – By David Coleman (Clinical Psychologist)

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Psychologist David Coleman caused controversy when he said on air that children should hit back in the playground. Here, he explains his logic

What would you say if your son or daughter comes home, telling you that there is a kid in their class who regularly pushes them, pokes them or trips them in the yard at school?

I am sure many of you would tell them to avoid the child, ignore them, or tell the teacher about what is going on. But would you tell your child that they could push back, or poke back or trip in return?

I would.

I would because I want my child to feel that they can assert themselves. I don’t want my child to be aggressive, or domineering, but I do want them to show that they are not willing to let anyone push them around.

I gave this advice, on air…

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