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Because Giving IS Getting – by Nina Smith

Sometimes, it’s hard to give.

It feels like we’re losing something by giving it away. And in actuality, it can appear like that at times. But not everything is how it appears. Some things in life are illusionary. You know those pictures where I see one thing and you see another? That’s what this world’s all about.

When I give a gift, I feel good inside. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that I have the power to make someone else happy.

Last week, I visited my sister who had a baby and presented her with something special: disposable changing pads for babies. She was so happy; she said it was one of the most practical gifts she’d received, and she can’t wait to see it.

And you know what? I felt really good inside. Yes, I gave her something, but honestly, I think I got as much out of giving as she got from getting.

People have an inherent goodness inside them, and they truly want to do good. Of course, sometimes doing the right thing is strenuous; it stretches our very self; but that’s what life’s about. Life is about growing and improving, and the more good a person does, the better he feels and the more good he does.

It’s a cycle: Do good, feel good, do more good.

And it works the other way as well: If one does things wrong, he can himself onto a hamster wheel of rotten behavior. And the only way to get off that wheel would be to jump into doing positive once again. It’s not as easy to jump into kindness while stuck in a rut of selfishness, but it’s the best way to feel better about yourself, and become a better person.

And you can become a better person, by doing kindness, and thinking about others. And the best part? People love nice people!

So, as you can clearly see, giving is getting.



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