What moment in your life can you look at and say, “that’s when everything changed”?

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A recent discussion on Reddit asked the question above.

life changing

Contributors provided a wide-range of comments in response. Some of which made us laugh, some made our hearts ache whilst others provided food for thought.


Petrunka wrote:

“One morning when I was around 12, I arrived into the classroom to find that two girls that I had teamed up with to bully a fellow student had decided that I was no longer of interest to them, and they would now bully me. This took me by surprise and suddenly I had nowhere to sit in class.

The girl that we had been bullying smiles at me, and pulled out the chair next to her. I sat in it, and we ended up becoming best friends.

I don’t even see her anymore, haven’t since college, but everything good that has happened to me since can be traced back to that moment.”

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