Kindness Blog Shares Media Featuring Kindness In All Its Varied Forms ♥️

Celebrating the angels of kindness that walk among us every day. These are the people who freely give their help, that lend a listening ear to a sad soul’s tragic tale, that share what resources they have, that tolerate, that seek to understand another person’s plight and actively work to uplift others from poverty, oppression and loss.

From the simplest acts of charity through to grand, life-changing gestures of kindness, we publish images, videos, true life stories, personal reflections, meditations and other various media ♥️

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Subjects covered include; compassion, mindfulness, forgiveness, family, love, parenting, wisdom, grief, humanity, friendship, homelessness, life-lessons, morality, gentleness, non-violence, humility, loss, meditation, random acts of Kindness (RAOK), mental health and gratitude.

Since the Kindness Blog started early in 2013, the response received from our readers has literally been overwhelming ♥️

We’re truly honored by your support and encouragement. Thank you so much.

Kindness Blog publishes articles on Huffington Post & DailyGood.

You can also connect with us on;

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Thank you ♥️

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  1. Thank you so much for following. I followed back. I have to say, your blog is very unique. Never come across a blog like yours, and I love it. Very inspirational.

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  2. Wonderful blog. Thank you so much for sharing and passing on. Kindness is the key to a path of life you’ll never regret and others won’t forget. I tell my kids this often…All I want from you is to live a life of kindness, everything else will fall into place. Glad you followed me 🙂 I followed right back and will look forward to seeing your posts on my reader. – Nichole

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  3. Hello kindness…thanks alot for your time-and for following my blog,i do appreciate.
    i’m very keen on your topic of interest and its great to know that someone like you still exist.I will follow your blog too,as i share that interest with you as well.

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  4. Thank you for visiting my blog! Just by following my blog with your name “Kindness”, I immediately followed you. I love kindness – for being kind, it makes me feel good. It is a basic human need. What I am discovering on your blog is an abundance of resources, very interesting and useful articles. Thank you very much for sharing them. I hope to be a guest blogger, one day soon. 🙂 Thank you again.


  5. I love your site! My friend and I have an article (I wrote you on 7/10) that we’d like to submit with links and photos – would you be interested? Please do let me know as it concerns an international charity on Staten Island and Tanzania. Thanks!

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  6. What an amazing site. Thank you so very much for introducing me to it. I hope to write something worthy to share with you and your readers soon. In the mean time… I shall linger in the thoughts and kindness of the others…
    Hope your day is most beautiful…


  7. One of the best blog I have found word press, unable to express my happiness and joy in words, you are very kind tha’t why you have created this blog, so, be kind enough to understand my feeling………
    I am new and very proud follower of your blog……..
    Wishing you all the best…………..

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  8. Wow, I just happened to stumble upon your blog and I’m really amazed. I love and support of your way of spreading kindness! It really warms my heart to read these posts haha.

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  9. Thank you for following my humble blog, thereby introducing me to yours, which is a treasure I wouldn’t want to have missed. I am a grateful reader and follower.


  10. Thank you for visiting Displaced Beachbums (and following) ~ it gave me the chance to link back to your wonderful and uplifting blog. I’ve enjoyed reading several posts and will follow for future updates.


  11. What a beautiful idea for a blog! You are truly uplifting. I will try to visit here regularly. Thank you for stopping by my blog and for the like. I write a Good News post every Friday in which there are usually stories of great kindness.


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