He Put on His Pink Shoes

pink shoes for breast cancer

Ryan Marotta of Windham, N.H. (Go, New Hampshirites!) took note from the NFL and wore pink shoes to school in October (which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month) in honor of his mother who is a breast cancer survivor. But kids at school teased and bullied Ryan for wearing the feminine-colored shoes, so he decided to stop wearing them. But the next day, Ryan found out how awesome of friends he has when he came to school and found them all wearing pink sneakers, shirts and socks to support breast cancer awareness — and their friend.

“My mom had cancer when I was about 6 years old. She survived,” Ryan, 12, said. “It made me feel depressed and sad because I knew that my mom had it and it made me, doubt getting the shoes.”

Nevertheless, upon finding out that Ryan and his friends banded together to promote awareness and love, his mother was ecstatic. 

“My mom cried tears of joy last night when she found out,” he told CNN.

Sources: CNN & Daily Saint


  1. This post is just like the posts I find here on your site very often, also always very very good reading material. It is nice to hear good things because as we all know all the news outlets zone in on all the negative aspects of the human experience. Thank you for the work you do, you are one of my favorite blogs.



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