Our Daddy Needs a Kidney

Raleigh Callaway, 49, of Greensboro, Georgia, had been battling stage five kidney failure and was in need of a transplant. In an attempt to find a donor, Callaway, a police officer, posed for a photo with his wife and their daughters holding a sign, reading, “Our daddy needs a kidney!”

The picture, which was posted to Facebook, went viral, and spurred hundreds of people to offer to help, including Chris Carroll, a health care consultant from McKinney, Texas, who ended up being a match, the Atlantic Journal-Constitution reported.

Our Daddy Needs a Kidney

The two underwent the transplant operations late last month, according to the Atlantic Journal-Constitution. The operations were successful, and both men have been released from the hospital, WSBTV reported.

“When I saw Raleigh’s story, saw pictures of the girls and everything, and it hit me,” Carroll told WSBTV. “That’s what kind of surprised me a little bit, there was never a doubt. I mean, it’s like if my own dad needed a kidney — that’s how strongly I felt.”

(Photos via Brandy Angel Photography via The Daily Saint Blog)



  1. That is awesome…and a great testimony to the power of social media. My mother spent 25 years on Kidney dialysis after a failed kidney transplant. The emotional and physical pain she endured, she claimed she would never wish on her worst enemy. Thank God for Chris Carroll that responded to a call for help. No one should have to spend one day on Kidney dialysis. I know, for know, it keeps people alive, but I hope one day there will be a cure, or something less intrusive than dialysis for people with renal problems.

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  2. A fantastic story and one more reason I’ve not yet given up on Humanity! Thank you for sharing what must be a very personal and private story with the world.

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  3. Reblogged this on The Revelation of Randomness and commented:
    How often do you hear someone complain about society today? How often do these heartwarming stories that confirm the hope in humanity, get pushed to the back page of print editions, or ran as the local news station is signing off and rolling credits? How often have I myself watched a newscast that was so tragic I equated to the sign of the end being near? I don’t know the exact number (but even if was once) but it was one too many. ‘If it bleeds it leads’ has been a longstanding SOP of print news editors and newscast producers. That says quite a bit about what we as Americans want to consume. If I were to bet any amount of money that mattered I would bet that other countries would rather consume sex, drugs and death over the kind and compassionate stories that happen all around you if you stop and look! That is the thing I must always remember. I will find whatever I choose to look for. There are many diversions and distractions in the world making it easy to forget that while the negativity might be the top story for the day, but compassion is always trending.


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