Are You Feeling Weighed Down?

Lots to do? Sometimes we need to do nothing for a while so that we can come back, to face our challenges, renewed and with a fresh perspective.

Then we can do what really needs to be done.

weighed down

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source: Tumblr


  1. Great advice. Don’t sweat the small stuff. For example, the significant majority of work emails are not that important and address pedestrian issues. Compartmentalize your email sessions to a couple of time slots in the day and you will see how many things get worked out on their own. Plus, instead of reading twelve cascading emails, you may need to only read one, the last one where everything has been resolved. BTG

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  2. Reblogged this on A tale of a t-rex and commented:
    In a world where we are expected to keep busy all the time lest we be viewed as lazy it is all too easy to get overwhelmed by our life. Responsibilities to work, family, friends, church . . . sometimes we forget how to say, “no.” I know that I am super guilty of that. Sometimes you have to sit back, pull out your favorite book, shut off your phone, and focus on yourself for a little bit. In your life the person who needs you the most is yourself. You will be no good to anyone or anything else if you don’t recharge your batteries now and then. It’s not being selfish to need some time alone. My favorite way to recharge . . . I go to a quiet spot near the river, sometimes with a book, and just enjoy the peace and quiet. I think. I pray. I relax. I set aside everything that I am carrying with me for just a little bit and focus on me. How do you decompress?

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