1. Perfect! My latest journey began about 2 years ago. It was a thanksgiving holiday and I spent 3 days as shutins on the internet , netflex while my kids played on their ipads. This was bad. So I started practicing yoga. Every other day. It was a long road but I stayed with it. 2 years later, I’m a daily practitioner and I’m cutting out the negative in my life. It’s led to a divorce but one that probably should have happened long ago. My kids are thriving and the possibilities seem endless. Change comes from within.

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    1. It’s interesting look back on those turning points, don’t you think? I was looking through journals last night because it was 10 years ago (I know) this week (I believe) that I first stepped foot into a yoga studio. Post divorce for me, and a saving grace in that transition. Glad you are doing well, George. Thanks for sharing your journey.


  2. I love this story, GInny, which you had shared in our yoga intensive with Arthur. Now I can hold onto it in a more permanent re-readable form! Barrie

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  3. The part about “get over it” and the tears in your eyes brought tears to my own eyes. Felt like I was there — thanks for the experience.

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  4. Thanks Erin. Tears came again when I was writing it, reminding me to be honest and include them in the story. It was such a loving “get over it” – it’s stuck with me as a reminder to not take things, especially myself, too seriously.

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  5. Thank you for sharing this lovely piece. So many of us, myself included, struggle with feeling selfish for taking care of ourselves. It’s so true – self care benefits not only us but the ones we love the most. It’s a win-win!

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  6. Hi Ginny, Care givers often find caring for themselves challenging. And they (we) need it the most ! The guilt is one of those ‘parts’ of the ego structure that needs to be nurtured by the higher Self. ‘Its ‘ok’ if your not spending every moment of your life helping others. Also take time to let others support and nurture ‘you’ so the energy of love can flow both ways, completing the circle. Then there is Wholeness. Summer needs winter, day needs night, we all need each other.

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    1. Thank you, Arthur. Fierce independence is one of my big blocks. “Allowing love to flow both ways” is such an inviting way to approach this block. As always, I appreciate you offering another way to view my patterns.

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