1. When I gave birth to my son, (he’s 22 now) my goal in life was for him to be a GOOD man. That was the only thing that was important to me. I didn’t care if he was into sports, or if he played an instrument but being kind was of the utmost importance to me. Some men are just not like that. I am a kind person so I didn’t think much about it. One day when he was about 3 I took him to a diner near where my parents lived, early in the morning. There was an elderly woman sitting in the booth in front of her, she was complaining and making nasty faces. My son noticed this and mentioned it to me. I said that maybe she had a tough life and was very sad, or maybe something had just happened. This was all before the random act of kindness began. I told him we should do something nice for her and so we did. I told the waitress we wanted to pay for her mail, my son gave her a twenty dollar bill, and I asked the waitress not to tell her who it was from. My son was giggling and I was smiling, but we left the diner, and I told him about the random act of kindness.He is now 22, was just admitted to medical school and he is one of the kindest people I know. Everyone said that. If I died today, I would die happy knowing that my son is such a wonderful, kind, nurturing person. I achieved my goal.  Warm wishes, Laurie http://hibernationnow.wordpress.com

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  2. What a nice idea! Sometimes at Christmas when my kids were still at home we’d set up the tree with fairy lights but no decorations. The decor was in a box beside it and the deal was for every kind deed we got to choose and hang something. It made the tree special – it was always full long before Christmas Eve.

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  3. Hi!
    I am incredibly proud of my students’ Christmas giving initiative. They wanted to share our tradition of Christmas giving at St. Elizabeth School and challenge others throughout the world to start or share a tradition (big or small) of their own! The gist and spirit of the project can be heard here: https://vimeo.com/115003722 in a radio interview I recently did with a station in Budapest, Hungary. Their website is here: https://give4christmaschallenge.wordpress.com To date, in just a few weeks they have reached over 60 countries and 5000 people! Check it out, you’ll be inspired by their KINDNESS! Merry Christmas!


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