1. This is a good post for me to start to get to know you by…

    My younger brother (he’s last of eight kids), and his wife suddenly lost their little girl to pneumonia. She was three. Within a year, her next child, a boy, who had been bright and active (squirrelly, I’d say!), suddenly regressed and was diagnosed as severe autistic. They had another son who was on the spectrum as well. Their last son is bright; very bright. They are all still together and, although life never seems to get any easier for them, they’re passion for fishing and each other is pulling them into a very fulfilling life.

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  2. Thank you for sharing your heart, and touching our hearts. It sounds like you are wise and have a grip on the situation, one day at a time anyway. Focusing on the highlights, and working as a family to encourage one another, including the other children is valuable to all. God’s Blessings and Strength.

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