1. This was a nice story about human connections and the need for more of them. We have become so consumed with our own little worlds and it has caused us to miss the beauty of our interdependence upon one another to thrive in life on pretty much every level. Thanks for the reminder, for I too, am guilty. 😃

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  2. I love my smart phone but I also don’t like the disconnection is affords. My fiancé and I have a rich and wonderful relationship based on good conversation and 1:1 connection. Yet we catch ourselves sitting hunched over our devices for an hour or more; silent as we pour over Face Book or he- games. Ugh! I am consciously limiting my social media, even Kindness Blog to only a few minutes a day so I can be present to what’s here and now.
    Thank you for your heart lifting story .


  3. Or she may have been the one for whom human interaction was sparse. He sounds practiced in connecting with people. Nice observation – reminds us of the opportunities we miss every day when we use our phones to avoid interacting with other people.


  4. Oh, so poignant. My computer connects me with scores of dear bloggers, promoting peace and compassion, and well as friends in the world of art for healing……..and yet, the people I see on a day to day basis usually have their noses in the light box. Personal choices, yes………but certainly a departure from the type of society I would like to see.


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