1. Jamie, great observation. Here in the US, we do not pay attention unless we are being entertained. So, few watch real news and know they are being misled. It is easier for people in power to blame others for everyone’s problems, sometimes overstating the problem through fear and/ or ignorance. The other big threat from a societal standpoint is the lack of civility toward one another. That is one reason I love this blog as it highlights the good behavior, but it should not be as newsworthy as it is. We tend to talk past one another. Thanks again, BTG

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    1. Thank you for the positive feed back and thank you to the people behind the Kindness blog for accommodating my posts.
      Another world is possible, if we want it bad enough.


  2. If Americans keep on being deaf to what their government has been doing worldwide for decades and only care to defend their turf, they will never be liberated. Caring for your own people is a selfish attitude.

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