I Want to Show What Depression Looks Like So No One Else Suffers in Silence - by Faris Khalifa

I Want to Show What Depression Looks Like So No One Else Suffers in Silence – by Faris Khalifa

I’m often asked about how I feel since I came out about my mental illness to the world and the answer is always the same: I’ve never felt better.

I was instantly reminded of my favorite quote from Tyrion Lannister of “Game of Thrones,” when he said:

“Never forget what you are; the rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you.”

I saw the world from a totally different angle and that’s all it took, a change of perspective. I found that all of that energy used to hide, to wear that mask, was draining me, but now I hide no more. As cliche as it sounds, I guess this is what it feels like when people say they got a second lease on life.

Through your weaknesses, you find strength and through accepting who you are, you’ll find that you’ll truly begin to love yourself, the good and the bad.

It was inevitable that people were going to change how they behaved around me. I thought I was going to become the local charity case; I have never been so wrong. It’s like, in a day, the world showed me a new-found respect for standing up. I was dubbed brave by many. It didn’t go to my head though, I mean, how could it? I found that there was no ego in what I did, just pride for finally standing up to the demon that has dogged me for years. At last, I’m not alone in my fight.

For the first time in years, I’m excited.

Every night, I go to sleep feeling psyched because I can’t possibly wait to see what tomorrow will bring me.

I find that with each passing day I grow a little bit stronger and even though I may have my bad days or bad weeks in some situations, I learned that nothing is permanent, especially if you’re willing to fight for change.

Ultimately, we are all just human. All of us are individuals and none of us come with a user’s manual. You can make mistakes, but that’s OK, as long as you learn from them. I finally know who I am and I’m on my way to refining myself to be the best I could be.

Look at you; you’re still here. Hold your head a little higher and tell me you don’t feel a little different.

Author Bio:
My name is Faris Khalifa and I’m 27 years old. I currently live in Liverpool in the UK but I was originally born in Sudan. I have two loves in my life, my cat and my guitars. Throughout my life, I’ve not encountered much that can’t be healed with animals and music.


  1. Faris:

    I am amazed and awed by your decision to believe in yourself, and the courage it takes to ask others to do the same for themselves. You are absolutely right – that is the first step in receiving healing.

    The silent testimony you offer precludes any escape from the pain of your experience. I pray that your vulnerability is honored and that your affirmation of the hope your find in your friendships is a beacon for others.

    Blessings on your journey, and “thank-you”


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  2. Hi Kindness Blog, I have rebogged this post to my blog. It is important for every huuman to understand the difference between Insanity, madness and depression.
    Thank you for posting this Informative post. Lots of ❤ – Sagarika


  3. Thanks for sharing. We are all in this together, let’s talk! Hugs to everybody 🙂

    On my blog, I talk about my experience with panic attacks and I have a contact page, in case anybody wants a new friend to talk to or simply some advice on how to face mental health disorders. ❤


  4. 🙂 One of my most favourite quotes:

    “This communicating of man’s self to his friends works two contrary effects; for it redoubleth joys, and cutteth griefs in half. For there is no man that imparteth his joys to his friends, but he joyeth more; and no man that imparteth his grief to his friend, but he grieveth the less.” -Sir Francis Bacon

    You’re a beautiful man, Faris – thank-you so much for sharing your heart (:


  5. ‘Depression is the purest emotion
    Immune to all but itself’

    Depression is a phantom of the mind that seeks to kill you, a fatalistic cause that no cure can ever truly remove from a fractured psychology. But it never lies about it’s motives or hides the end game from it’s afflicted.
    So you’re damned? Cursed?… No!… Depression is a finer armour than any emotional cladding, yields no mercy to any other demon that seeks to destroy you and in the depths of that hole Into which you sink there is a clarity unrivalled.
    As long as you don’t sink too far!

    The only thing to best it is love, but that’s a poison all to it’s own in terms of pain and deceit and one that has no clear motives, so as much as depression is dangerous, love is by far the deadlier assassin of the two.


  6. Even I lived in a constant state of depression. Reason can be anything but ultimately its the unhealthy thinking that makes us depressed. I was very very lucky to find thoughts from ‘Pandit Sri Ram Sharma Acharya’s’ literature. His thoughts and teachings were enough to get me out of my depressed state of mind. I didn’t take any medicine for depression and now I’m fit. People do everything to come out of depression. I’ll suggest everyone to go through His literature. Maybe it can help you. You can find his thoughts here- http://quotes.awgp.org/chintan.php?qType=1&lng_id=2


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