1. Aline, thanks for your poignant story of reflection. We need each other more than we care to admit. Even self-proclaimed loners, need a voice to chat with on occasion. Your friendship with James meant a lot to him and vice versa. By knowing people with different interests, we complete ourselves and learn new paths to joy, interest and maybe a career or hobby. At age 56, I am consistently amazed how preconceived notions about people can be so wrong, including my own. We will never know what we have missed without walking in or close to that person’s shoes. You are on my list, now, by the way. Best wishes, BTG


  2. Nice post. And I’d say the author was also on the cab driver’s list (picked her up late, shared his knowledge of the island, expressed love to her). I’d say she was on James’ list, too (lifted her mood, consoled her through a break up…) Often whose list is whose is kinda’ blurry.

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  3. A very insightful write. I never really thought of it as “list” but it is so true. I think our list can grow according to our awareness and openness. Also, sometimes (in my case) we have someone on our list that we want to reach, but won’t let us in. Thanks for sharing this. 🙂


  4. Many thanks for your heartfelt comments regarding my post. Ever since my mother introduced the “list” concept, I’ve tried to be mindful of those needing a friend or thoughtful gesture. So glad the piece resonated with readers near and far; mutual kindness is truly a win-win. — Aline Weiller


  5. Thank you for so eloquently putting into words this concept. I have believed it for a very long time. Friends come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. It’s those “season” folks you mention in your list. Fabulous piece. Inspired. ❤️


  6. Hi Aline ,
    First of all thank you for introducing me to the concept of lists . It will always be there in my subconciousness and by the way you are right on top my list . However what impacted me most was the compassion and empathy you have for your fellow beings . This was my first lesson in spirituality . Guess can learn a lot from you . One never stops learning in life irrespective of the age . Thank you once again for your Humanness .


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